Wednesday, 11 November 2015

FAQ - Groovy Sunshade


Q: Are Groovy sun shades legal?
A: Yes they are, as written in The Star (Metro 27 September 2012).

Q: What materials are Groovy sun shades made?
A: Groovy sun shades are made from high quality OEM materials. Groovy sun shade mesh fabric used is many times thicker and more durable than a typical cheap generic sun shade. Handled well, it will last the lifetime of your vehicle.

Q: Can my window be used when Groovy sun shade is in place?
A: Yes, Groovy sun shades are perfectly fine to be used with the windows down, ensuring that you still get some protection from the sun while having a breath of fresh air.

Q: I already have an expensive tint installed, will Groovy sun shades help?
A: Yes, Groovy sun shades will make your vehicle more comfortable by further reducing heat and blocking out glare from sunlight. The sun shades are also certified to block out 67% of ultraviolet radiation as tested by TÜV Rheinland. If your vehicle is parked under the sun, Groovy sun shades will lower the temperature inside the vehicle slightly as well as allow your air conditioning to work more efficiently to cool the cabin quicker.

Q: How do I store Groovy sun shades?
A: While most people will not remove them once installed, Groovy sun shades can easily be removed and folded to a more compact size. A high quality nylon bag will be provided for storage of the collapsed shades.

Q: Do you have sun shades for the rear window?
A: Right now, we do not have sun shades for the rear window. However, we might manufacture the rear sun shades in the future. Do check this website from time to time if you are interested in the rear sun shades.

Q: My vehicle model is not listed.
A: Firstly, we apologize if your vehicle is not yet supported by Groovy sun shades. Do drop us an e-mail with your vehicle make and model and we will see what we can do. Also, do check this website from time to time as we are constantly updating our product portfolio with more and more vehicle makes and models.

Q: What is the warranty on Groovy sun shades?
A: While each Groovy sun shade is meticulously checked to ensure that it is free of defect, we will provide warranty in the case that your Groovy sun shade arrives with manufacturer defect. There is no warranty for wear and tear or mishandling of the sun shade.

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